Welcome to Toddler Junior! This website is for Adult's who like to act/roleplay being a Toddler or Little.

Here you will find loads of great pages containing photos, stories, links, events, information, scanned content, diary entries and of course about me.

If you're into wearing nappies/diapers, little clothes, being treated like a toddler, little, ageplay, bedwetting, or you're just a mommy or daddy who looks after littles, then toddler junior has something for you.

This site is also user friendly (easy to use) with drop down menu and is updated on a regular basis.

This site also contains material on nappy/diaper fetishism. It is intended for people who love wearing and using nappies/diapers, whether it be for medical / mental health / autism / special needs / disabled necessity / learning difficulties / bedwetting / fetish.
This site has NOTHING to do with real children, kids or babies!!

If you are offended then please leave or if not click to enter my site

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This site is also part of the ab/dl community (adult baby / adult babies / diaper lovers)